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Mighty Miners

In Development (Last update: December 2019)

A spiritual remake/reboot of a 1999 PC game based on a series of LEGO sets in production at the time. Give orders to your semi-autonomous miners as they work to collect valuable energy crystals, build up a headquarters, and bring in powerful mining vehicles to aid them in their efforts.

Alpha 1.4 Screenshot.png

        Mighty Miners is, functionally, a remake of the 1999 game Lego Rock Raiders. Rock Raiders was the first game I ever owned, so having the maiden voyage of Rocket Jumping Spiders be revitalizing this game has a kind of poetic appropriateness to it, don't you think? The game certainly needs the help - it hasn't been in stores for over 15 years, it's a headache and a half to get the game to run at all on modern hardware, and the company that originally made it no longer exists! In addition to making a version of the game that can run well on modern machines, Mighty Miners seeks to fix some the various bugs and oversights present in the original and add a timed score attack mode, free play mode, and a level editor.

Planned Features:


  • Fans of Lego Rock Raiders will feel right at home here - the mechanics and tools available to you will be comfortably familiar, while certain features of the original game that didn't work that well will be much more usable this time around!

  • Explore and mine in 34 different caverns, with the ability to build and share even more.

  • Play a new extra game mode where instead of completing missions, you compete against a high score to collect as many energy crystals as you can within a time limit. Or enter a free play mode where you can dig to your heart's content with no pressures at all!

Latest Version: Alpha 1.7

        The alpha currently has every level planned for the final game implemented and most vehicles included, along with a robust level editor. Monsters, lasers, and the minimap/scanning mechanics have not been included yet.

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